Schoolgirl Strikers ep.8: Morgana


Last episode we were introduced to the enemy team. This episode we learn more about them and their leader.

Coconut Vega on Patrol.png

Coconut Vega¬†were on patrol when they encounter….


The Knight of the Black Mongose, Odile!


Odile had them on the ropes, but she had to retreat under “mysterious circumstances”.


Later, Torte were on patrol and encounter a new type of O’bli, but it was just a diversion as the Origami sisters appeared! Mana approached them and reminded them who she was.

That name.png

Upon hearing the Origami sisters were working under Morgana, Tsubame had a vague, painful flashback.


Mana tried to talk things out, but as Nanoha learned countless times, they anti-villains never want to talk things out. Thankfully reinforcements came. The Origami sisters, seeing that they’re outnumbered twenty to three, retreated.


Having escaped, one of the sisters tried to scavenge for food, but collapsed from hunger and was “captured” by Torte.


After feeding her a delicious pork bowl, she summons her sisters now that she has found Torte’s HQ.


Mana tried again to get them to talk, using nostalgic memories of their time at the orphanage, but the Origami sisters revealed that they had ran away from the orphanage. If it weren’t for Morgana, they would have likely died.


Mana agreed to fight the Origami sisters, but under a condition: If Torte won, the Origami sisters would give up their life of villainy. The Origami sisters had a condition of their: For the other two sisters to eat.

Main Character powers activate.png

During their fight with the Origami sisters, Tsubame’s latent main character powers began to activate!

Dimensional Overlap.png

Another dimension began to overlap with the 5th dimension! Tsubame lost her concentration and the dimensions returned to normal.


However this was cue for Morgana to make her grand entrance! She reveals that she was looking for Tsubame all along and that Tsubame isn’t from our dimension! Furthermore, she casually discards the Origami sisters (thankfully she didn’t pull a “You’ve outlived your usefulness” stunt.)

Screw you!.png

The sisters didn’t care for being throw aside. Unfortunately Morgana possess teleporting powers on par with Alpha-152, claiming to be able to foresee all phenomenon.

Dynamic Entrance.png

To wipe the smug look on Morgana’s face and prove she isn’t all seeing after all, Odile entered with a flying kick. Morgana was quite surprised. It seems like Morgana can’t see Odile’s attacks, as she lands a punch afterwards. Morgana had to retreat and Odile gave chase.

Come with us.png

Mana offered a take in the now stray Origami sisters, but they turn her down. It looks like she’ll have to beat them an inch to their life before they’ll become Torte’s allies. Mana was disappointed, but Io told to not give up.


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