Schoolgirl Strikers ep 9: Befriending the Akara

This episode Mana and others tried to befriend the eldest of the Origami sisters.

Sort of a Shower Scene.png

Not as sexy as a real shower scene, but when all you can afford is an apartment so shitty it doesn’t have a bath room, you make do with what you have.

Blow Dry.png

Towel Dry.png

Note: Koori states that she is a middle school student in the next line.


The origami sisters prepare for their first day of school.


Curry Bread Share.png

Mana was down about not being able to befriend the Origami sisters so Satoka offered to share her curry bread.

Transfer Student.png

The chief pulled some strings.


Well the eldest of the Origami sisters, Akara was transferred to Mana’s and Io’s class (to probably no one’s surprise).


Tsubame reflects on Morgana and recalls the ominous dream.

Toilet ghost.png

Mana: Don’t worry, I always spy on Io when’s she on the toilet.


Mana proceeds to make a nuisance of herself to her trying to be friendly with Akara. This eventually lead to Akara declaring she had enough  and she needed to find work so that she could feed her younger sisters. Yuumi declared she had an idea.

Pudding 4.png

Um, is there supposed to be a checkered background behind the windows? o.O


Pudding 5.png

Team Pudding was eating at a family restaurant that two of them happened to work at. One of them was talking about how Torte was awesome for “befriending” Akara and even goes to credit Io- much to her tsundere’s leader chagrin. It seems its not only Io that she is sore about as she still hasn’t forgotten their crushing defeat at the Origami’s sisters.

Speak of the Devil.png

Team Torte (minus one) and Akara come in.

tsubames-fantasytsubames-fantasy2tsubames-fantasy3tsubames-fantasy4Meanwhile Tsubume is lonely and day dreams of being able to go to school with the rest of her team before falling asleep….



Mana and Io will be together even in death.



….and dreams of her lost memories. Apparently some titan killed the rest of Torte which means Tsubume is either from the future or from the parallel dimension…. Turns out its the latter (I don’t think anyone was surprised by this revelation).

Big ol lunch party.png

Back to Torte + Akara…. One of the girls from Pudding whose working at the restaurant bought them lunch. Apparently she’s from a wealthy family despite working part-time. (She likely comes from the Tsumugi school of hard working independent rich girls.) Yuumi asks if the restaurant is taking applications, but Akara wanted to choose where she was going to work. As Akara moved to leave, the tsundere leader of Team Pudding wanted to pick a bone with her. If Akara spent time with, she would receive ten bags of rice.


Tsubume wanted to with the chief, but she was out. However she did find her team (and Akara) and Pudding using the hologram room (without permission). She went about asking them what they were up when Amane and Akara’s challenge began: A race to see who could defeat the most enemies.

Zerg Rush.png

Turns out the challenge was set to Lunatic mode and they had to fight an entire swarm. They wound ending the challenge with the same score of 999 and a fire forged friendship. Everyone was moved to tears….except Tsubume who didn’t know what was going on.


They were caught by the chief and forced to clean the hologram room as punishment. Akara received the promised rice vouchers and a three layer bento to go with the rice, but returned most of the vouchers out of show of her friendship.

Tsubume's Tears.png

Afterwards Torte apologized to their leader for getting her punished along side them when she was trying to stop them. Laughing, she began to cry. They worried, but she reassured them that there was something in her eyes (and they believed.) As she ran off (to wash her face), Io watched her concernedly.


The real source of her tears was her fear of losing her friends again. She talked with the chief over her regained memories and the chief pointed out if Tsubume is from a parallel dimension, then where is the Tsubume of this dimension? She proposes that Tsubume’s unique existence is key to fighting Morgana.


Post credits the Origami sisters enjoy a family meal.


One thought on “Schoolgirl Strikers ep 9: Befriending the Akara

  1. It was nice seeing the sisters not take too long before befriending our heroines.

    Looking forward to learning more about Tsubame’s past and the Black Mongoose.


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