Schoolgirl Strikers Ep.10: The Worst Thief Ever?


Have to admit; crayon drawn or not, Odile’s quite the artist.

This episode focuses on the Knight on the Black Mongoose Swan, Odile.

Odile sent Fifth Force a video that warned them that she would be coming three nights from the time the video was received to steal their Stella Prism. She also revealed that her father went missing, leaving behind only instructions for her to destroy the Stella Prisms and Memoca.

Three Days Ago.png

Chief, I’m beginning to loose faith in your reliability.

The girls thought they had time to prepare, but the chief revealed that she received the video THREE DAYS AGO! =_=’


Later, that night, Team Bikini (minus leader) were fighting a O’bli while their leader and Torte remained behind to protect the Stella Prism. Unfortunately, the O’bli used sonic attacks to disorient Team Bikini and redirect attacks, causing them to be on the verge of a real ass kicking when….


….Odile unintentionally came to the rescue (in fact she didn’t even realize Team Bikini was even there.) Unfortunately, she realized that she missed the time she had set for her grand robbery and had to retreat.


The next day, Odile’s true identity, Sachiko, realized how she messed up and questioned what to do. Realizing that the Fifth Force was using the Stella Prism for EVIL, she found herself at odds with her father’s orders. However her self-pity party was cut short when the middle Origami sister, Hina, investigated the source of crying, forcing Sachiko to hide.

Mad Ninja Skillz.png

The girls realized that Odile is Sachiko (who happens to be in Io’s class), but that hardly solved things. In a later conversation Torte explained that Sachiko keeps a low profile and pulls a disappearing/reappearing act after and before class.

Found you!.png

Having overheard the first conversation, Sachiko went to her hiding place to sulk, but was caught by Hina.

Hina and Sachiko.png

I ship these two.

Hina was bribed by one of the Fifth Force girls into intel from Sachiko, but after talking with her decided she rather support Sachiko than have katsudon.


That night, Odile strikes again (with advance notice) with Torte waiting for her. She asked to take things to another place and thus the girls fought on the roof of a skyscraper (possibly in the fifth dimension). They asked why she gave advance notice both robbery attempts, Odile revealed that she (mistakenly) believed that if she forewarned that was going to steal something, that it wouldn’t count as stealing.


The chief, who had been asleep at the control panel, woke up and went to get back up when Hina stopped her.


Unfortunately for Hina, Odile had no intention of winning the fight and gave up in grand fashion, declaring she would destroy Fifth Force’s Stella Crystal after she stole the destroyed the others as she left.


The next day, Torte saw a rare chance to catch Sachiko and pressed it with Mana using her signature invasive befriending skills to trick her into making a pinky promise!


Meanwhile, Morgana watches from her evil lair, commenting in a manor that suggests that Sachiko’s father is the scientist who created the Stella Prisms! She also mentions that with no one to control the Stella Crystals, the dimensions are beginning to grow unstable. Oh, btw Morgana has her own Stella Crystal (but that’s not surprising).

Mysterious Abominable Snowcreature.png

The episode ends with a mysterious, Heracles sized shadow stomping its through a blizzard. What or who is it? Tune in next episode find out!


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