Schoolgirl Strikers Ep. 11: Operation Yeti

Off duty

Let’s see how long this will last…

This week, Torte (and the other teams) are given some long deserved off time.



They decided to head into the mountains to stay at a hot spring resort (Yuumi had some connections to the owner.) Tsubame and Io wanted to go snowboarding….

Mana 2.png

Mana not wanting to spend time with Io?! Who are you and what have you done with the real Mana!

Mana revealed she, Yuumi and Satoka won’t joining them. Why?


Io: Mana, is that the recorder you used to film that movie we made….? You know the one you promised to not show anyone?

They’re going yeti hunting!


Quite a fancy inn.

But first they admired the reservations.

Io's a natural.png

I’m sure there’s no sport that Io couldn’t master if she put her mind to it.

Despite being a beginner, Io picked up snowboarding with ease.


While following some rabbit tiny yeti tracks, Yuumi stumbled upon a major discovery.


Compulsory hot spring scene!

Later, Yuumi tried to convince Io that what she found weren’t bear tracks while revealing- to Mana’s chagrin, that she didn’t believe there was an actual yeti until now. However some unexpected appeared as the Biscuit Sirius team appeared.

Arm censorship.png

The twins possess uncanny 4th wall sensing powers.

As it turns out they were also looking for the yeti due to the fact the inn is selling yeti merch and their leader (who owns the inn) wants to make sure it actually exists or else have to recall the inn’s wares.

Mana 3.png

I’m sure if they had their own room, they’d be sleeping on the same futon.

After a feast worthy of a king, the girls retired for the night and Mana claimed her spot beside her wifey. Io pretended to not care who she slept beside.

Familiar shadows.png

Those silhouettes look familiar….

The next day all of Team Torte continued the search for the yeti. Things looked up when Mana spotted some shadows on the horizon.


Apparently coming to a snow covered mountain wearing only their school uniforms wasn’t the worst decision they made.

Turns out that it was the origami sisters, on the verge of death by starvation and hypothermia. They heard there was an award to the person to find the yeti, but quickly got lost after running from what they thought was a bear.


Team Torte, joined by team Torte, found the cave that the Origami sisters found, leaving the sisters behind due to their poor choice of dress and the fact that Team Biscuit’s leader still didn’t trust them.


Better than a person in a costume trying to pull off a Scooby-Doo hoax.

Turns out the yeti is in fact an o’bli. How did it cross over into our dimension?

Stella Prisms.png

Apparently it used crystals with similar abilities to Stella Prisms to pass between dimensions.


Who forgot to turn off the stove?

Biscuit and Torte wanted to give pursuit, but only Torte’s equipment was available due to Biscuit’s falling behind maintenance due to a “problem”.


There happened to be two yeti o’bli. Luckily the Origami sisters showed up to help dispatch them (and saved team Biscuit in the process).


It’s about time.


The Origami sisters decided to be friends with everyone from the Fifth force.


You know how I fired you all a few episodes ago? I changed my mind.


Sadly, Morgana had other plans.

Yeti Merch.png

Mana was pleased.


After the credits Torte got a bunch of the ski resort’s pulled merchandise only to realize there was an actual yeti on the mountain….

Whatever Morgana has in plan for the Oragami sisters, it’s unlikely to be pretty. Hopefully Torte (and the other members of the Fifth Force and Odile) can save them her evil plans. Tune in next week!


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