Schoolgirl Strikers ep.12: The Beginning of the End


This is the last episode before the grand finale. Can the Fifth Force save the Origami sisters?


The Origami sisters had not come to school for three days and our heroes were getting worried. Torte asked Team Biscuit knew anything and their leader suggested they may be too busy working. Torte had a hard time believing that. To confirm their suspicions the Chief told them that they haven’t returned to their apartment. The girls also wondered how the Origami sisters came to enroll in their school and the chief admitted she had enrolled them in the school after randomly meeting them.


Overhearing Torte talk about the Origami sisters, Sachiko worries about her future wife.


As Tsubame was talking to the chief about the possibility that she’s not from another dimension from the future, the new biology teacher hacks a transmission to reveal that she’s Morgana….something we all already knew because she does is change her clothes! She offers a deal: Tsubame comes alone and she’ll return the Origami sisters.


Meanwhile Sachiko wants to ask Fifth Force for help finding her future wifey, but she realizes that she (with her very timid personality) that is practically hopeless. The only way she can do anything without her mask. That’s when it dons her….


Just as things were getting grim as Fifth Force has lost track of Tsubame, Odile appears! Torte immediately exposed that they knew she was Sachiko (much to her denial).


Just then Morgana carried through with the deal and returned the Origami sisters.

You are Morgana.png

On the other end Morgana explains to Tsubame why she is interested in her. Apparently Tsubame is the only thing standing in Morgana’s way of destroying humanity. Not only is Tsubame from the future, the reason why there isn’t another Tsubame running is that the Tsubame of the past disappeared as soon as the future Tsubame went back in time. But that’s not the biggest revelation. According Morgana, Tsubame IS Morgana. o.O

Professor Isami.png

Before we can an explanation for the crazy woman’s theory, we cut back to Fifth Force where the chief explains the origins of the Fifth Force and Stella Prism. Twenty years ago, a meteorite landed on Earth. Professor Isami, Sachiko’s father, studied the meteorite and discovered the Fifth Particle that made dimensional travel possible. He went on to invent the Stella Prisms and Memoca. Meanwhile people who had were showered in the Fifth particle passed on the ability to travel between dimensions onto their children. Meanwhile the Jupiter Orphanage gathered up children with no families for the purpose of cultivating children with this power (such as the Origami sisters and possibly Mana). While Professor Isami wanted to use the girls’ power for protecting the future and peace, there was those who wanted use them military purposes. These people approached the professor, but he refused their offers.


Odile realized that the reason why her father wanted her to destroy all the Stella Prisms was to keep the technology he worked on out of the hands of those who would use it for war. After the Professor disappeared, the O’bli began appearing, forcing those tied to Isami to hastily create soldiers who could fight them, founding the school and Fifth Force. With the history lesson over, Torte asks Odile for help as she has the most power of all the girls.


Morgana explains her theory simply as there is no way that a human could have the ability to warp reality and space-time by simply willing it. Tsubame refused to believe she was the same as Morgana. To “prove” her theory, she revealed her ultimate ability “Replay” in which she reenact the events of the past onto the present, summoning a bunch of O’bli into the world.

Tune in next week as I discuss the grand finale and Emperor G will probably be posting a review of the series.


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