Interview with Monster Girls ep.12: Ending in Style (and Swimsuits)

This is very unusual departure from the usual anime I discuss. While I primarily watch anime few or no male characters, I do make exceptions if for a few anime I consider good (or is Cardfight!! Vanguard). Interview with Monster Girls is one such anime.

To summarize the plot, Tetsuo Takahashi is a high school biology teacher with a particular interest in demi-humans (a.k.a. monster girls). To his surprise three of his students and one of his coworkers are all demis. To learn more about demis, he interviews them as well as comfort them when they’re down and provide commentary to many legends surrounding them. While this anime has all the makings to be a paint-by-numbers harem, it avoids that route, treating the demis as people instead of love interests (in fact only two of the demis outright show any romantic interest in Tetsuo.) I could wax on and on about this series is great, but I know you want me cut to the chase.

This episode, the season finale, is essentially is one of the golden anime traditions: The swimsuit episode. Let’s show the girls!


Kyouko Machi , Dullahan

Yuki Kusakabe.png

Yuki Kasakabe, Snow Woman


Hikari Takanashi, Vampire


Sakie Satou, Walking Sex Goddess Succubus & my fav. ^///^’

Two Girls.png

These girls have names, but they’re essentially just unimportant supporting characters. I might ship them….maybe.


Tetsuo Takahashi, (unusually buff) Biology Teacher

I apologize for not providing any full body shots, but there’s not many good shots of the characters in their swimsuits to begin with (we don’t ever see Sakie’s bottom due to remaining most submerged in the water due to her extreme case of modesty brought upon by the fact succubi have an uncontrollable “aphrodisiac effect”).

This episode tackled the reason why vampires are often portrayed as being nocturnal as well discussing the possible origins of the Dullahan (such as being portrayed as a knight, being an emissary of death and why they can’t cross running water; yes, that’s apparently an actual part of Dullahan lore). Compared to the previous episode (which centered around Tetsuo questioning whether his demi students were becoming too dependent on him to rely on other teachers and classmates), this was a fun and enjoyable note to end the first season.

I would suggest this series to anyone who enjoys monster girls, especially more thoughtful and introspective stories such as “A Centaur’s Worries”.


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