Schoolgirl Strikers the Finale: Attack on Morgana

The final episode of Schoolgirl Strikers! Are you ready?!

(Insert screen shot here)

The three teams of Fifth Force that aren’t Torte began evacuating the school while fighting the O’bli onslaught.


Meanwhile Tsubame was trying her best to attack Morgana, but Morg just teleported out of reach and proving far more unfair that even Alpha-152.


Finally ready to end the “cut scene” and start the hopeless boss battle, Morgana transformed into the giant, night naked O’bli woman from Tsubame’s flash backs.

Fish O'bli.png

Remember that fish O’bli Torte caught? (You know in the swimsuit episode. What you don’t still don’t remember it? I don’t blame you. It was the least important part of that episode.) Well apparently it was specially made by Morgana herself and because of that Odile can use it as a “scent” to lead her to Morgana.

Boss.pngThis cat is named Boss. He’s pretty much the Fifth Force’s pet.

Eye Lasers.png

Torte, the Origami sisters and Odile arrive to find Tsubame defeated. They tried to attack the Morgana O’bli, but learned she had eye beams.


She also had tentacles.


Meanwhile Tsubame witnessed Morgana Professor Orie’s memories. Apparently she worked with Professor Isami and was upset at the program involving developping children with the Fifth gene being shut down. She decided to activate the (prototype) Stella Crystal against his protests, since those without the Fifth gene will become “Morgana” and be doomed to travel through space/time for all eternity. Orie didn’t mind she was doing it FOR SCIENCE!


Satoka questioned why Morigana needed the Origami sisters if she was so powerful and they explained that she had to take a powerless human form while on Earth. Morgana then decided to use her domination over the Origami sisters to make them turn against Torte.

second form.png

Like any trully difficult final boss, Morgana O’bli transformed into a stronger form.


Either the Origami sisters were pretending to turn or through the power of the middle sister’s friendship-love for Sacchi, returned to the side of good (I’m betting on the latter.)

Odile Sachiko.png

Remembering her father’s words, Sachiko removed her helmet and unleashed her full power.


It looks like the youngest of the Origami sisters has fallen in love with Yuumi….’s pork cutlet bowls. (I ship them.)

Transform denied.png

Morgana O’bli tried to morph into a third form, but the heroes were having anymore of her shit and attacked while she was transforming.


But Morgana was a sore loser and summoned a worm hole that threw Tsubame into space/time.

Boss 2.png

Tsubame had given hope of returning home with her friends when Boss appeared from who knows where! Apparently he’s Chevok’s cat! Through a mysterious glowing light it appears that Tsubame was able to return after all.


During the end credits we learn that Tsubame is now attending school with everyone else. There was a “The O’bli Threat is Over” party and Tsubame realized that Boss was there when Tsubame fought Morgana O’bli in the past-future.


This was a good anime that I would like to see a second season (and hopefully something cannon between Io and Mana or possibly new juicy pairings to ship.)


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