Picking Lily Petals: Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Gaiden – Sword Oratorio Ep.1 & 2 (a.k.a. Danmachi with 80% more lesbians)

Danmachi (as the anime is often called) is set in a world where the gods have descended from heaven to live amongst their followers in the labyrinth town of Orario where adventures seek fame and fortune in a dangerous subterranean realm known as the Dungeon. Sword Oratorio is a spin off that follows the followers of Loki, particularly the Sword Princess Ais and her most certainly gay admirer Lefiya.Our story starts shortly after a battle in the dungeon where Lefiya is moping because she froze up whilst casting a spell and had to be saved Ais. The Loki familia (the followers of a particular god are collectively called familias). Ais goes about cheering her up.

Head Pat

Ais uses head pat.

Head Pat2.png

It’s super effective!

Lefiya questioned why she was brought along when she was much weaker than the rest of the familia. Fellow familia member Riveria explains to her that she is inexperienced, but has potential and thus she was brought along to improve herself.

Ais.pngMeanwhile Ais was contemplating the scolding received from the commander for charging into the last battle reckless….while bathing. Not that I’m complaining.

Acid Spewing Monsters.pngThe peace of the 50th floor of the dungeon was disrupted as giant monsters that both spewed and bleed appeared from the entrance to the 51st floor. The Loki Familia scrambled to deal with them. Riveria suggested to the commander to have Lefiya deal with the monsters to gain experience.

Spell Break


Lefiya did her best, but once again she froze before the she could finish the incantation. It was up to the rest of the familia to take out of the monsters.


Riveria finishing the monsters off with an impressive fire spell.

Also, don’t piss of Riveria.


I feel bad for the minotaurs. They’re horribly outmatched.

After destroying the monsters, the Loki familia was forced to return to the surface, but not before being ambushed by minotaurs on the 17th floor. Anyone has seen the Danmachi anime can predict where this going….

Boy meets girl.png

Thus the story of Bell Cranel begins…in another anime.

The first episode ends with the first scene from the original anime: Our hopeless hero being saved by his primary love interest. This anime’s story is parallel to the original and will likely cross paths with it from time to time, but don’t worry. Ais is arguably the one love interest in the original anime who seems hopeless oblivious of Bell’s feelings for her and thus the red eyes white-haired boy is likely not going to be anything resembling a real threat to this spin-offs primary OTP. Think of it like Kim and Jaqueline from Soul Eater NOT!




Lefiya was the only girl to not reflexively get out of Loki’s path. Whether she’s lucky or not is up for debate.


As the Loki familia return to the surface, Lefiya is still depressed about being a total load on Ais when one of her familia mates suggested helping Ais out on the surface. As they returned to their HQ they were greeted by their goddess (yes, Loki is a girl).











Of course the first thing the girls did once they returned home was shower. The youngest of the two amazonian sisters, Tiona (as see above), compared everyone’s bust and was disappointed that that Lefiya’s bust hadn’t shrunk (Loki had teased her about it when she groped Lefiya), making the only “flat” girl amongst the quartet.

Status update.pngAfter dinner Loki updated Ais’s status. What’s that? Well in Danmachi, adventurers have actually stats and levels straight out of RPGs, but they can’t read it themselves. To know the progress they’re making, they must have their god update their status. In the case Ais who was known for being extremely skilled already, her improvement was less than satisfying, only increasing a few points each (those of you play Fire Emblem can think of it as when a character only increases one to two stats on a level up).


As Ais returns to her room she finds Lefiya waiting for her outside. Lefiya gives a crystal drop, a rare edible item. Afterwards Lefiya has second fantasy of the episode (the first was while was getting dressed and it was about having Ais pet her head again) where in Ais offers to Lafiya lay her head on her lap.


While shopping with Tione, Lefiya bought a gift for Ais who in turn thought to be cute and appreciated the gesture.

Later, at a particular tavern, the Loki familia’s asshole Bete retold the story of how Bell had ran away from Ais in the first episode of the original anime while Bell just happened to be at that tavern causing Bell to run out in shame (this episode’s crossing paths with the original segment). This caused Ais to feel sad and explain the event to Riveria and cause Lefiya and the amazonian sisters to decide to cheer Ais up with some shopping!


Even though this is clearly supposed to be a lingerie store, I’m than certain most of these outfits can be passed off as typical JRPG female armor.


Lefiya’s fantasy no.3: Ais in a skimpy sling bikini that Tione picked out.


Ais can give Saber a run for her money when it comes to looking princely in men’s clothing.







Insert a Bodacious Space Pirates reference here.



Meh, she doesn’t have quite enough boobs to pull of the Hestia look.



After finally settling on this last dress, Lefiya offered to pay for it and the amazonian sisters practically had to spell it out to Ais that Lefiya was trying to cheer her up (because Ais is pretty dense). Ais thanks Lefiya and they return home….in time for Loki to grope Lafiya again as she’s only one woman enough to take on their goddess’s affection.


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