Picking Lily Petals: Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Gaiden – Sword Oratorio Ep.1 & 2 (a.k.a. Danmachi with 80% more lesbians)

Danmachi (as the anime is often called) is set in a world where the gods have descended from heaven to live amongst their followers in the labyrinth town of Orario where adventures seek fame and fortune in a dangerous subterranean realm known as the Dungeon. Sword Oratorio is a spin off that follows the followers of Loki, particularly the Sword Princess Ais and her most certainly gay admirer Lefiya. Continue reading


Plucking Lily Petals: The Beginning of Am’s Heel-Face-Turn


Last week, I mentioned how I might post about this week’s episode depending on how it went and here I am. Let’s discuss the episode that marks Am’s turn from villain to hero.

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Plucking Lily Petals: Am x Luna

AM I must admit I stopped watching Cardfight Vanguard about 3/4 through G’s second season and only restarted watching it upon hearing about some of the things in G’s third season. I have to admit how much of a fool I was for stopping. Well Am and Luna cease to stop being amazingly gay for each other!

We continue our journey down the rainbow brick road with episode 21. Through this season, an event called the G Quest has been hosted at each of the six branch offices of the Cardfight Vanguard Association. The heroes (Tokoha and her two guy friends) have managed clear the G Quests at five of the branches earning them quite a bit of fame due to the fact merely failing a single one disqualifies them from participating them any of others. Well, to stop their undefeated record, Am and Luna announce they will be participating in the final branch’s G Quest.

Each branch’s quest is unique and often bizarre. The final branch’s was no exception. Being Dark Zone (the nation in the card game whos name alone screams evil), players can choose to play as monsters with the goal of stopping the heroes from completing the quest. The only two teams who didn’t choose to become monsters are Tokoha’s group and the wonderfully gay idols, Am & Luna.

An, Knight in Shining Armor

Am takes the lead, intent on protecting her girlfriend.

Cell Phone of Drama

However, protecting Luna wasn’t the only thing on her mind. By this point, it’s been revealed that Am is working for this season’s villains. Unfortunately, she’s failing to meet their expectations. If she doesn’t shape up soon, they might consider other options…something I get back to later.

Am x Luna.png

Sometime later, Luna points out that Am is really gung-ho today and Am replies that she doesn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Luna. Luna replies with she would never do anything to embarrass Am.


To spoil the mood one of the main characters, Shion shows up to challenge Ace. Whose Ace? It’s Am’s villainous alter ego, the one she used to steal Shion’s family’s business out from beneath him, dumping him into poverty and sending him on a quest for vengeance in the second season. Saying that he has grudge against her is an understatement. She tries to flee with Luna in tow, but quickly finds herself in a dead end. Thus, she sends Luna ahead while she deals with her own personal nemesis.

Chrono vs Luna.png

Another main character, Chrono, arrives at the finish line only to find Luna waiting for him. Luna and Chrono play a game with Luna dedicating it to Am. The result of the game… well Luna isn’t a main character. With Chrono’s victory, Am and Luna has failed to stop Tokoha’s group from completing the final G Quest.

Am comforts Luna.png

Naturally Luna is distraught over this and Am comforts her grieving girlfriend.

Plans for Luna.png

After the credits, the villains discuss their evil plans, noting that Luna would be better suited for them than Am.

Episode 22:

In the next episode, Am receives a text from her superiors with that is basically just more “work harder or we’re going to drop you” stick, causing to think about her parents (who are not dead, but merely hospitalized and in a coma).

Singing and Dancing Announcer, Luna.png

Luna the Ghostie.png

Noticing her girlfriend is glum, Luna decides to try to cheer up Am by imitating the art to certain vanguard cards (“Sing and Dancing Announcer, Shout” and “Rick the Ghostie”).

Super Effective.png


It was very effective.

Meanwhile, Tokoha learns from Shion that Am is working for the villains and he believes (but can’t confirm) that Luna might be. This doesn’t sit well with her as she has trouble believing her closest female friends (besides Kumi) could be evil.

Sadly that is the last of season 2’s Am and Luna moments. Season 3, only eight episodes in so far, has plenty of moments for our endearing couple, both for good and ill. But that’s a story for another time.