Schoolgirl Strikers ep 9: Befriending the Akara

This episode Mana and others tried to befriend the eldest of the Origami sisters.

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Schoolgirl Strikers: Animal Channel Ep.6 Obligatory Swimsuit Episode


Well it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I guess so. Today I decided to a episode summary of a particular episode of Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel. Why? Well, as the only blog I’m actively following being Emperor G’s, this is one of the few anime he isn’t covering (and I needed an excuse to make a post in a long while. :p) Continue reading

Labyrinths & Lesbians: Witches of St. Sayuri d20 Part 1 (Classes Cont.)

Hello everyone. Yesterday I began a series of articles related to BESM/Anime d20 and Witches of St. Sayuri, starting with classes. We’ll continue this topic with the classes that are staying with no real changes (besides cosmetically changing their names) as some as some variants to add more options. The remaining classes are:
-Gun Bunny
-Hot Rod
-Martial Artist
-Sentai Member

For starters the adventurer is one of the most pointless classes in the entire game as its entire purpose to be a blank slate class that can be customized to any player’s desire at the cost of hit points, base attack bonus and combat skills. Getting 5 character points each level to spend on anything doesn’t really make up for the fact that it doesn’t measure up to the other classes (and is even noted by the creators for being weaker!) Why does it exist? It’s used for by two different attributes (Flunkies, Servant) to stat the resulting NPCs created by those attributes. Hence this class has a small, but necessary role.
Gun bunnies have nothing to do with bunnies (either actual rabbits or girls in sexy costumes), but refer to characters specializing in firearms. Why are they called Gun Bunnies? Well if someone does know, please educate me because I have no clue. However the more important question is why am I keeping this class? Simple. This is the modern day world and guns exist (outside of Yurishima). It’s by no stretch of the imagination that someone such as a detective, a mercenary/soldier, or other gun toting persons would find some reason or another to come to Yurishima. The only issue I have with this class comes down to its name so let’s rename it. I feel either Gunner or Marksman would fit better. What do you think?
Hot Rod stays for the same reason as the Gun Bunny though I have an alternate means of keeping them. You’d think some unlucky pilot or sailor would find themselves encountering the island by accident as the island doesn’t appear on their maps or radars. However, a class devoted to operating vehicles can easily represent the sailors who brave the monster infested seas to ferry passengers to and from the island. Simply change all references to cars in the class’s features to ships and bam, you have a workable sailor class! Again, the only real change I would make probably change the name.
Unarmed combat is universal and so is the martial artist. No doubt they are some who come to the island to test their might against the fiercest monsters or learn to mimic the combat styles of monsters. This class is fine as it is and doesn’t need to be changed at all.
Witches have adapted to changing times through different means. Some study the arts of stealth and sabotage, offering their services to the feudal lords of Japan under the name of ninjas. Today, ninjas still exist, living in the shadows of society. One may be sent to the island on a secret mission or trying to discover a lost technique rumored to be hidden somewhere on the island. With a little tweaking here and there, it’s possible for a ninja to be remade into a spy or assassin class.
While the age of the samurai ended long ago in Japan, the art of swordsmanship has survived through today. On a hostile island of monsters, non-witches must find ways to defend themselves. Further more, with changing of fluff and swapping about a feature here and there, other warrior classes can be made such as the knight.
While I find it hard to see a group of costumed heroes performing synchronized poses and combo attacks, it’s not hard the sentai members focus of on team work can easily represent a group of soldiers trained to work fight as an unit. By adding some more combat skills to the list, this class can easily be renamed the commando.
Last, but not least, is the student. On an island with a school devoted for witches, the student class is bound to show up. However, most students will likely be cross-classed with the witch or contractor class as to grant them access to “magic” required to attend a school of witches. If I were to give this class a variant, it would be beef it up and add some combat skills to create a Delinquent class, but other wise not be changed all that much.

That concludes my ideas and plans for player classes. Tomorrow (or whenever I post again), I think I will discuss some of the monsters, their societies and racial traits.